I am a computational evolutionary biologist at the Biological Informatics Centre of Excellence at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). Prior to moving to AAFC, I was a research scientist in the Department of Biology at Duke University. At AAFC, I am working on infrastructure and data management to support a digitization and sequencing project for the in-house specimen collections.

My research focuses on phylogenetic inference (building evolutionary trees) and phyloinformatics (synthesis and management of phylogenetic data). I was the lead PI of the Open Tree of Life project, which builds and keeps up to date a comprehensive tree of all life by synthesizing phylogeny and taxonomy. Browse the tree of life on the opentree website; improve the tree by submitting and curating published trees; or find opentree code on github

I am a passionate supporter of Open Science and Reproducible Science - making research data, scientific software, and publications freely available for review, use, and re-use.

In support of open and reproducible science, I teach software and data skills through The Carpentries and their lesson programs Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry. The Carpentries run two-day workshops for researchers that aim to increase research efficiency through introduction of foundational skills in computational and data science.